10 Things to Think About when Choosing Lingerie

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10 things to think about when choosing lingerie

I love nothing more than sexy undies and the selection is endless. It’s rare to find a set that’s perfectly proportioned for your figure, fit, and size. Every now and again, I stumble upon one that catches my eye, but when I say stumble, I mean a full-on nosedive to my stomach as I start feeling fat and unattractive.

But then I think, why should I feel uncomfortable in lingerie? This stuff is designed to make you feel sexy. So instead of hiding in the changing room, I decided to put my intimate issues to the test and share with you what I’ve learned about lingerie.

1. First impressions matter: too often I’m put off by bodysuits and teddies that look cheap, not because they are but because the concept of a lingerie set that’s worn under a blazer is so far from my “style”.

2. Ladies, the sizing is not your friend. I would never believe a model that says my size is 34E, so when a brand is labeled in that way, I tend to shy away. Don’t get me wrong, you want a nice fit but you don’t want to have to adjust your bra to make sure you’re not spilling out over your belt buckle.

3. It doesn’t matter how much I’ve paid for a bra. My advice is to wait to buy underwear until you’re on the clear road to getting a bra that fits you really well.

4. I don’t want flappy underwear with no support. When I order underwear, I like to buy a full set, then get bras to match, for long-lasting comfort and support. If a bra is off-center it’s going to be off-center under my pants and I’m going to be unhappy.

5. I don’t need support. Having said that, I would never buy underwear that doesn’t fit and I would advise you to steer clear of underwire bras with wires that don’t move with your body.

6. Longer is not always better: the perfect bra should be flexible, tight, supportive and one size fits all, not two sizes bigger and two sizes smaller. For example, I usually wear a 36C but I’m happy to go up to a 36D or even a 38C when I’m shopping. I have that all figured out.

7. Finding an affordable, effective, reliable brand is a bitch. I know many of you have my best interests at heart but when it comes to lingerie, I am as fussy as they come. I’ve tried one brand so far and no matter how nice the customer service or quality, the product doesn’t compare to the real deal. It’s not just about the price, it’s about quality too.

8. The most important thing is how the piece fits on your body. Always pay close attention to the fitting. I read a post recently on how most brands are cutting down on sizes. While I can see that some women will benefit from this, I have to say, for me, it’s not going to be worth the money or hassle. The last thing I want is to order a dress that doesn’t fit because they didn’t bother to make it properly.

9. Sizes are generally useless. If it fits your ribcage or bust, it’s a good fit. Have you ever tried to try on a bra that’s too small? It just rides up your chest. You’ll never feel comfortable. You should be able to close your jacket or zip up your dress with the bra underneath it.

10. You can create your own, fabulous lingerie wardrobe. While in the recent past, I’ve tended to keep buying lingerie as a special treat for myself, I now think more about the sustainability factor of buying a bra over five years, rather than one item that fits me perfectly. When I need to swap bras in my underwear drawer I try to buy a new one in another color or fabric if it’s available.

Finally, don’t be afraid to try on the little black dress: my lingerie has given me the confidence to try on everything from a great suit to a tailored shirt and trousers. If I can wear it, you can wear it.

If you have any questions about your body, take the plunge and go bra shopping today. Trust me, it won’t suck.

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