5 Things To Consider When Buying A Corset

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Three things women want from a corset (some of which can't be said for a standard bra):


If you are considering adding a corset to your lingerie collection, there are a few things to consider. Some styles are better suited for certain body types. In general, they are only meant to enhance rather than define a woman's figure. Corsets don't allow a woman to have a "squishier" body, but you do have to think about the elasticity of your body and what constitutes "squish."


You have to make sure the corset fits right (layers need to be integrated). You need to make sure it's the right size. You also need to make sure it's made from high-quality materials and fabrics (think soft, breathable fabrics), not thin, scratchy materials.  Finally, and most importantly, you need to make sure it doesn't limit any movement. There are many varieties of corsets that are specifically made for tall and thin women, but they are usually made from materials that require some form of body-tapping, which can lead to discomfort.


Corsets nowadays have various styles to enhance specific sections of the upper torso and waistline or to just enhance the bust area. There are even waist-shaping corsets available. These types help give that hourglass figure look to your body and can help cinch that stomach area in. Be careful to not go too small in a corset size as you want to be able to adjust it for weight loss or gain. There are even some corsets that look good enough to be worn as a top or over a blouse.


Check out some leather finish corsets or lace-edged corsets to wear on the outside. A strapless bra coupled with a tube top or crop top off-the-shoulder blouse can give an appealing and sexy look to your wardrobe when coupled with a corset.


Here are some examples of corsets we offer at our store, vipnoveltease.com, that may pique your interest:






A corset helps create a deep “V” that lifts and widens the breasts to three-quarters or more of their natural size. The corset shows off all of a woman's top assets, which are much easier to hide beneath less feminine clothing (sadly this usually results in one to two inches less height to a woman but that’s a minor detail). The corset supports the bust, scallops, and shoulders. Its dual purpose of supporting and shaping the breasts is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. And finally, the corset highlights all of the women's best features – they look all the more womanly and beautiful. After all, you want to not only look sexy but feel sexy and corsets or corset-style lingerie can help do just that.


So this begs the question, is a corset flattering? I’d say it depends. The first time you wear it, take a look in the mirror to make sure the boobs are spaced appropriately and that the shape looks good. The main issue is that you want to be careful not to pin them to your rib cage too tight, they can start looking out of proportion in a matter of hours and can lead to muscle strain and fatigue, not to mention sagging. Plus you still want to be able to breathe comfortably.


Also, you should take a look at the breastbone and cup size you have. You’ll want to get a corset with a cup size that’s larger than the biggest one you have now (if your cup is DD or smaller, you’ll want to stick to your regular size if you want to wear a regular bra with the corset.) You can buy them in European sizes, or maybe take the bra-size measurements and approximate cup size, and then get a corset that corresponds to the current cup size.


Corsets have their place in fashion, just don’t go overboard. While it does look sexy, its purpose is to give your boobs a lift, not make them look like some bloated, deformed masses as well as to give your waistline a slimmer look. 


And if you’re still thinking of wearing it as a costume, think about this – the average corset can give you 30 percent larger bust – trust me, you’re looking more like a size DD than a D. And while there are a ton of cute corsets to choose from online, I would recommend staying away from the “sexy” corset styles – even if they work for your size and shape, they’ll always look wrong on you and that’s just not what you want to do to your body. 


Overbust VS Underbust Corset


An underbust corset will not independently give your bust support, shape, and lift in the way that an overbust corset can, though it can help achieve the perfect hourglass figure while flattening the stomach, sculpting the hips, and boosting your cleavage.


The overbust corsets run from the hips, up and over the bust. Perfect for a fuller figure and for those wanting to cinch in the waist while giving your breasts a lift, overbust corsets are supportive, comfortable, and very figure-flattering. They can also be worn as lingerie or as more of a fashion statement, allowing the corset to be worn as an outer garment.


Overbust corsets are fantastic for your posture as they sit higher up the ribcage, they are also suitable for waist training. This corset type also can help create curves.


What’s Different about a Corset and a Bustier?


Corsets and Bustiers are often confused. What’s different between the two? In simplest terms, a bustier "boosts" your breasts, while a corset "cinches" your waist and might lift the breasts creating more cleavage.


A bustier could be considered a fancy bra plus a shapewear combo that smooths the midsection and lifts the breasts. Bustiers often use a hook and eye closure like on a bra and only have laces for appearances. They sometimes also use plastic boning and smooth fabric.


Corsets tighten with a combo of rear laces and a front steel busk closure and have spiral steel bones in them to assist in maintaining vertical tension and make that desired hourglass curve. Plastic bones won’t do much good if you would like something to last as well as support your figure. Plastic boning can burst at the seams if you are attempting to tighten them down. So don’t select cheap when it comes to a corset if you are planning on wearing one for over one purpose.


So, before you jump on the corset bandwagon, take the time to shop around and find the right fit for your figure. If you decide to try a corset, it's not the only piece of lingerie you need to think about. Try to incorporate other flattering styles like tunics, bodices, bodices with skirts or dresses, and jumpsuits into your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for fashion, functionality or enhancing your figure, check out our selection of corsets at VIPNovelTease today.


What’s your take on corsets? Tell us in the comments!

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