A Corset Is A Corset Is A Corset

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Whether you love a lace-trimmed bustier for intimate, under-the-radar events, or prefer something more hidden, this guide will help you discover your corset style.

A Corset Is A Corset Is A Corset

Have a low-cut dress or shirt in mind, but worry about getting a formal corset? Leave the embellishment to the plunging neckline, and pick a sturdy pair of undergarments to match.

Bustiers are another variation that you can wear to formal events, but they require a lot of extra layers to stay hidden under a blouse or slip.

Black Corsets Are Your Best Friends

If you're ready to get down to business, a black corset will take you from basic black tie (slip on with tights for a cocktail look) to black-tie (something completely out of the box) in a flash. It's best paired with an underskirt (sewn in after the corset, to prevent it from riding up), so you don't end up looking like a sexy schoolgirl at the masquerade ball. You don't need to fully commit to black, though; your favorite style of corset is lavender, and you can find that, too, but in a more considered, less flashy way.

There Are A Few Types Of Corsets

The simplest way to define a corset is by its underbust, which is the bust size (measured in inches above the naval) that its corset will cup. A detachable bustier (there's a bit of a difference between a corset and a bustier) is a corset that fits a wide array of corset measurements like a "true" corset would. High-back corsets have a smaller cup (often 6 to 7 inches), or a fairly wide band, versus a true corset that would have a narrow band.

You also need to look out for "hard corsets," which are worn under another piece of clothing and secure utilizing a zipper or buckle. A fully-lined corset is usually made of stretch fabric, while soft-lined corsets (also known as body stockings) have a contrasting elastic waistband. No matter what type you choose, choose a corset that's comfortable to wear, because you won't wear one for very long, and will be wearing it on an occasion when you'll be expected to behave impeccably.

Slip-on the Lace And Black Out

When it comes to black corsets, an option with a shorter drop is the best bet for ballroom-chic or dressed-up events. You might choose a sleeveless dress or a slit skirt, but nothing too short that a slinky black lace bodice will completely ruin the look. This corset-skirt hybrid is perfect for cocktail time and can be worn with a turtleneck underneath to keep out the chill.

Slip-On the Lace And Cotton

For a more classic style, try a long lace corset. The waist should hit your natural waistline, but you don't need to worry about scooping your favorite shirt to make it look formal. If you do feel like getting creative, you can pick a slimming black corset, and a matching black slip dress, and match your corset to your slip skirt. Or, you can choose to wear a half-slip and a black corset underneath your favorite black jumpsuit or gown for an ultra-feminine, sparkly night out.

No matter what kind of corset you go for, buy it for the right occasion. Make sure you buy an adjustable corset. Wear it once, and if it doesn't fit well (if your bust line stretches at the bust, or you bust out of the sides), you should be able to adjust it via the lacing or busks. Otherwise, keep it in your wardrobe, because black corsets are more versatile than you might think.

Keep in mind, corsets with today's fashion don't just have to be limited to being worn under your clothing. Pair one up with some of your favorite jeans or skirt and you've made a fashion combo that not only looks sexy but helps you feel sexy too.

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